Welcome to Newbie Breakthru…

Where your transformation from “newbie” to expert online marketer begins!

Nothing about expert online marketing is difficult. It’s simply a matter of having all the right tools, and someone to guide you along the way. My goal is to provide the very best support, recommendations, resources, tools and training that I possibly can… to help you become the very best that YOU can.

You have probably already seen Newbie Breakthru in action, otherwise you would not likely be on this web page. If you happened here by chance, then please see the site “demo” in the upper-right column. The demo is just a glimpse at the full power of this system.

Newbie Breakthru is an implementation of a solid, powerful, business model used by top marketing professionals all over the world. It was designed to be modular and flexible. You can offer what you want, when you want to offer it. Newbie Breakthru was built with the skills and needs of new Internet Marketers in mind.

Newbie Breakthru, at its most basic level, includes resources for building your own prospect list to grow your online business. But it is also much more than that. The system has built-in profit centers to create up front profits plus recurring income simply promoting the very tools you are using to build your list and host your website!

It’s a powerful and PROVEN plan. There’s nothing like the power of the internet with the right plan in place!

Your Newbie Breakthru minsite package has all the components necessary for the model to work effectively. Additionally, more resources you can easily “plug in” and use with your website will be forthcoming. (This is only the beginning!)

I am excited to help put you in the “power seat” with your marketing. There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard to get traffic only to see that those sales you drive buyers to don’t give you much of an income AND you don’t even have the ability to make another offer to that traffic because they signed up on somebody else’s list.

THAT’s all done with! YOU are the real internet marketer NOW!

With your own list of prospects and your own products to offer them… YOU get all the profits! YOU get to offer that traffic another product! YOU get to build a business. YOU are the one with the website selling your products and services, capturing your leads, and growing a profitable business!

That’s hopefully why you are here… you’re ready to STOP pushing traffic to somebody else and START reaching your full potential as an online business OWNER.

Congratulations on the decision to put your own website up! I know you’ll be delighted with the ability to build your own customer list, offer your own products, and grow your business like a Pro!

Geri Lawhon

Geri Lawhon






So…what next?

First things first… did you get your free “business-in-a-box” website package?