How To Get Your Own Domain Name and Webhost

Business owners need websites with their own domain name!

Just go to Hostgator with the link you were provided and get started….


Select your webhosting plan…unless you know you’ll need a lot of space and/or have tons of traffic ready to go to the site right this minute, select the smallest plan. It is the least expensive and you can always upgrade as needed.


Enter a domain name (for example: Do you want a dot com or dot info or dot net name for your website? This is the name that everybody will remember. Ebay’s domain name is The IRS has a domain name of


Enter some account information! Write it down because you’re going to need it to access the back office to control behind the scenes on your website.


Keep going down the page….You will need to pay for your account and keep a card on file for the service to be turned on.


Make sure you uncheck the Addons! You’ll be charged for extras that you might not need if you don’t uncheck the boxes. You can always add these later. Uncheck each addon that you don’t want. Keep going down the page…


Double check your total that your card will be charged!

Check the items that you are purchasing. You’ll have a domain name AND and an account for the website pages. These are two separate items.

Make sure you check the Terms of Service.

Click “Create Account”.


Now you’ll get an email with the account information. You might even get a receipt for payment separately.


That’s it! Congratulations!

You officially have a website and you can tell everybody where to find it on the internet. Now, you will need to make the website your own. You could have a blog, sales pages, order form, lead capture pages, and downloads if you want.